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Random files - Colored/"Funky" French Manicures
Sponge Art2096 views
Misa Candy Girl with Essie Magnifico tips1481 viewsTwo layers of Misa Candy Girl with three layers of Essie Magnifico on the tips. Candy Girl is really shimmery, the shimmer doesn't show well in the picture. Picture taken indoors with flash.
China Glaze Red and Silver French Mani1390 viewsUltra Blingy - CG - Tinsel and Ruby pumps.
Hot Topic Trq Ht Pnk Glitter1262 viewsHot Topic -Turq Blue and Hot Pink Glitter. New color - super hot.
Halloween Manicure926 viewsEssie Ridge Filling base coat, three coats unknown Japanese brand of orange polish, black tips in TheFaceShop BK901, home-made spiderweb decal, one coat of Seche Vite top coat
Marble-ChG Frostbite over ChG Ruby pumps1822 views
P2 Color Victim - Glory1066 viewsBase coat (Rimmel French Manicure), one coat P2 Color Victim - Glory (green) and Essence multiglitter tip painter (silver)
Zoya Gaia, China Glaze Watermelon Rind707 viewsTwo coats of white creme as a base, one coat of Zoya Gaia, with China Glaze Watermelon Rind french tips, and WnW Black Creme under the tips.
Orly Cosmic FX Collection 20101097 views40080 Space Cadet
mineral FX technology
what is it?

ORLY's NEW limited edition formula creates intense sparkle and
shine! This exclusive new raw material technology delivers
multi-dimensional colors that reflect light and create a sparkling
spectrum of color. Mineral FX technology creates a special optical
effect infusing natural rock minerals, crystals and glass that allow for
fantastic color transformation. The clarity and transparency of this
animated material results in better luster and brightness. Each color
in the Cosmic FX collection was created to accentuate the mica to
the fullest effect. The exclusive specialty material is magnified as
the light source intensifies or the viewing angle changes. This
technology has already made it to the runway, as seen in many Fall
collections from top designers like Balmain and Carolina Herrera!
482 viewsOPI Malaga Wine
OPI Brisbane Bronze
China Glaze Tronica Striped Mani342 viewsFor this I used ChG Gamer Glam, ChG High Def, ChG Hyper Haute & ChG Laser Lime
Poisonous Bite204 viewsMisa Love Bite with Nfu Oh 56 tips.

Last additions - Colored/"Funky" French Manicures
Poisonous Bite204 viewsMisa Love Bite with Nfu Oh 56 tips.Jan 29, 2012
French "Matti-cure"197 viewsIllamasqua Milf Matte/Gloss FrenchJan 22, 2012
Floral Tips322 viewsNov 20, 2011
Halloween French manicure261 viewsOPI Onyx and an orange I can't remember. Done by Top Ten Nails in Portland, Oregon. Barely speak English but very competent and incredibly cheap. Line of glitter separates the orange from the black.Oct 30, 2011
Francesinha laranja302 viewsPalermo (Eliana) & Deméter (Hits)Oct 22, 2011
China Glaze Rodeo Diva dotted french306 viewsBase is Gussied Up Green, dots in various sizes of Side-Saddle, Midnight Ride, Wagon Trail, Rodeo Fanatic, Cowgirl Up, Lasso My Heart and Prize Winning Mare.Sep 01, 2011
OPI tickle my france-y & spark de triomphe435 viewswww.crystaliciousss.comJul 28, 2011
OPI funky donkey 7 sparkle-icious295 viewswww.crystaliciousss.comJul 28, 2011
OPI stranger tides & significant other color399 viewswww.crystaliciousss.comJul 28, 2011
Flame tips302 viewsSally Hansen Hidden Treasure gradient tip over OPI Vodka & CaviarJul 17, 2011
Color Club Snowflakes tips383 viewsover Wishlist RedJul 17, 2011
OPI Simmer & Shimmer tips227 viewsover Lucerne-tainly Look MarvelousJul 17, 2011

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